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Sunday, May 27, 2018
Weather @ 5:30 PM
Temp :8°C
Wind :NE 17 km/h
Visibility :24.1 km
Pressure :?
Humidity :43%
Condition :Mainly Sunny
Tides for today...
2018/05/2703:51:000.4 m
2018/05/2709:47:001.2 m
2018/05/2715:55:000.3 m
2018/05/2722:28:001.4 m
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Your Comments
Joe Wissler
English Point

Yes the storm was great. Me a lover of storms ordinarily was not happy when it took a number of shingles off the north east corner of our house!! Understand some other homes in the area suffered some damages also.

— April 11, 2018 : 8:43 AM

Reports are the winds reached 150 km/hour yesterday. It was fierce :) The snowbank you see outside the window is compacted like cement. But no more shoveling! Let's see how long it takes to melt. My guess: gone by June 1st.

— April 10, 2018 : 4:46 PM


It's Sheila's Brush, a few weeks late this year.

"Sheila’s Brush is an idiom used in Newfoundland and it refers to the last big storm of the winter season, a storm that occurs around St. Patrick’s Day. The term comes from an Irish legend which says that Sheila was the saint’s wife (or sister or mother) and that the snow is a result of her sweeping away the old season."

Sheila is sweeping furiously today!

— April 9, 2018 : 4:14 PM
Bridget Farham
Cape Town, South Africa

Looks like no work today!

— April 9, 2018 : 6:56 AM

Hi Stan,

Great to hear that your kids enjoyed your visit here.

And here's the pic from April 1, 2018!

Curiously, the next morning it was gone!

— April 8, 2018 : 11:42 AM
Stan Krupka
Baldwinsville, NY USA

We took a vacation about 15 years ago and were at Forteau Bay in July and there was a big iceberg in the bay. The kids were all excited to see the whales, and the "bergs". I go to your site occasionally to see what's happening. Saw the submarine there the other day. Shared it with my oldest son. Would like to share with my youngest son now. Any chance of getting it re-posted? I would like to get a pic of it.

— April 6, 2018 : 5:11 PM
Joe Wissler
English Point

Wonderful Doug.

— April 1, 2018 : 7:18 PM
A Buckle

Brilliant - and I thought that a submarine was a long bread roll.

— April 1, 2018 : 8:09 AM

Exciting morning here in Forteau!!! It seems this came ashore during the big high tide last night. No sign of any crew members yet. I'll update when there's more info.

— April 1, 2018 : 7:16 AM
Corey Keats

Hey Chris in Blanc Sablon, What is you webpage ? Would love to take a look.


Corey from SPR

— March 30, 2018 : 9:35 AM
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